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Review of AnyDesk

George Kannon

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What does AnyDesk do well?
What this program does well is definitely to give people the opportunity to work and help others without them having to move from their workplace or from their home giving even more possibilities to obtain jobs as well as to obtain many more solutions to the technical problems that we may have in our devices.
What does AnyDesk not do well?
The truth is that I cannot know what this program is doing badly since, in the time that I have used it, I have not had any problem other than slight details that are not really worth considerin. As an example its mobile version that is not as stable as It is your PC version, this presents technical problems such as device handling difficulty as well as a less intuitive and pleasant interface.
What do you wish you had known about AnyDesk before using?
What I liked to know about this software before using it is that this program has quite interesting options such as transferring files and recording sessions. This can be very helpful for users since they can for example record the screen while one It controls it and that this video serves as a tutorial for future solutions as well as file sharing is quite useful since this is greatly complemented by the fact that we can control remote devices since we can give better assistance by installing the programs that are needed in the devices
Have you used a competitor to AnyDesk? If so, how does it compare?
The truth is that if I have used programs similar to Anydesk, a clear example is Teamviewer, who at first considered that it was the best option since it was the best known however, in a price comparison I decided to try Anydesk to save me a few dollars. My surprise was great when I saw the huge difference in the quality of service, Anydesk far exceeds the competition in both quality and stability and its use is truly recommended.