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Review of Lending Club

Paula Porter

Overall Experience
Customer Service
I understand that a company needs to verify your income, but this one is just ridiculous, they requested 2 recent check stubs and my last yr w2, which I sent. After all that, I received another email asking for a copy of my bank statement to show the deposits of the ck stubs I sent in. I don’t have direct deposit, so that didn’t make any sense at all for that request. I called and was told they just needed it to verify income, then I was asked “What do you do with your check when you get paid if you don’t deposit it in your account?’ Dah, I cash it and pay bills, deposit some also, if bills are not due. (Last time I check, check stubs/w2 were sufficient enough to verify income, well at least for banks, and other companies). Had I known this was going to be this much hassle, I would have never bothered to complete the application. People, take your business somewhere else, it’s not worth it! It almost make you think it’s a scam!!!