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W H A T   W E   D O

Integrate with your store:

Shopify, Amazon, Ebay, BigCommerce, Magento.


Store some of your inventory with us and we will ship it out as soon as orders are placed.

Optimize Cost

We compare USPS, UPS, FedEx & DHL for the best rate.
Sticker, inserts, large or irregular items? No problem.

Custom Packaging

Fulfill your campaign

No minimum, no contracts

International shipping

All-in-one dashboard

Our expertise and low rates will get your rewards out in no time.

Only pay for what you ship its that simple.

We ship anywhere in the world and fill the customs paper work for you.

Super simple and easy to use interface.

We just sent out a $30,000 Akris coat packaged in a garment bag on a nice hanger. Those are things that clients expect. Everyone at ShipBob realizes this is the standard that we set and they had no problem adapting to how we ship things out.

C H R I S   K V A P I L

D I R E C T O R   O F   B U S I N E S S   D E V E L O P M E N T ,   T H E   H A U T E   S P O T

ShipBob will come to me every week and pick up 50 bags at a time to store at their warehouse and when I get an order, I just let them know. They track the inventory for me – so I know exactly what’s on shelf there and when they need more product.

B R I T T A N Y   C H I B E

F O U N D E R ,   P A L E O   S C A V E N G E R

We’re good at making clean and delicious products. ShipBob helps us with logistics because that’s not our skill set. We sent out 200 samples a month with short notice and could do this with the help of ShipBob.

J I M   S I M O N

C E O ,  J I M M Y B A R S !

“Thank you @LoveShipBob for getting my package shipped so quickly, love the concept!”

A N D Y   H O F F M A N

E B A Y   S E L L E R 

“I’ve used Shipbob for my small business several times. Shipbob is probably the least expensive & easiest way to ship packages!”


S M A L L   B U S I N E S S   O W N E R 

A I N   A L A N Y

E B A Y   S E L L E R 

“I can't thank you guys enough. You went an extra mile for me! Everything was perfect.”


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