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Fit Small Business Team

Fit Small Business: Giving over 1,500,000 small business owners the information they need to succeed every month.

We do the research so you don’t have to

We do the research
so you don’t have to.


What We Do

We focus on the needs of small business owners. While there are many sites that claim to serve small business owners, their real audience is either aspiring business owners, or employees at very large companies.  At Fit Small Business, we write for the existing business owner, who is getting up early in the morning and asking themselves “how am I going to increase revenues and profits today?”

To provide you with the information your small business needs to succeed, we write “how to” articles and  buyer’s guides which help you make informed purchasing decisions.

Behind the scenes, every article we write involves hours of research, data analysis, and interviews with industry experts and small businesses owners like you. Our in-house staff of 12 writers (and growing) spend 8 hours a day asking the questions that you want to know the answers to about how to run a successful small business.

We’re a small business too, and we heed our own advice. From our recommended CRM system and email marketing tools to our VOIP phones and office chairs – when our writers find the best tools for the job, we use them ourselves.

Fit Small Business has a rapidly growing monthly readership of 1,500,000 small business owners. Our team includes experts in Small Business Financing, Office Technology, Sales, Marketing, Real Estate, Accounting, Law, Retail, Ecommerce and Human Resources.

Co-Founders David Waring and Marc Prosser

David Waring and Marc Prosser

Our Story

Fit Small Business was founded in 2013 by Marc Prosser and David Waring.

Together, Marc and David share 25 years of experience in small business management and marketing. They’ve advised clients ranging from dentists on Main Street to financial companies on the New York Stock Exchange.

Before Fit Small Business, they always had friends, family, and colleagues asking them advice on how to run a successful business. While they were happy to provide the advice, they were surprised that there was not an online resource where business owners could turn for this same advice.

There are 28 million small businesses in the U.S. They account for 55% of all U.S. jobs. And yet these brick and mortar businesses were being completely neglected.

This is why Fit Small Business was founded: to provide small businesses with the information they need to succeed.

Our Methods

Here’s how we produce the clearest, most in-depth articles
for our community of small business owners:

Fit Small Business CPA & QuickBooks Expert

CPA & QuickBooks Expert

Our writers are experts in their fields.

We draw on public and private data from sources like the US Small Business Administration, US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, and trade associations. This even means filing Freedom of Information Act requests.

We’ve established extensive networks of industry experts who bring years of experience and a variety of perspectives to every subject. We also seek out the real world knowledge of small business owners like you who have encountered the challenges we’re discussing.

The Fit Small Business community is one of our greatest resources. You’re in the trenches every day, and your perspective informs everything we do here.

Fit Small Business Writers

Finally, our writers don’t work in bubbles. Our Manhattan office is buzzing with activity. Everyone is sharing insights from their latest data analysis or anecdotes from their most recent interview.

These exchanges make our writers better informed and more well rounded. This cross pollination allows for our writers to give you information no one else can.

How We Support Our Site

When writing about the challenges facing small business owners, the solutions we recommend will often include products and services. When a product or service is included in an article, we sometimes charge a sponsorship fee, or earn a commission when readers take action or are approved for financing on a partner site.

These partnerships with product and service providers that we believe in, and wish to align our brand with, allow us to fund our operations without cluttering the site with banner ads that everyone hates.

Results of our editorial reviews and finance quiz are based on quantitative and qualitative assessments, and our editorial team always has the final say as to whether a partner is included anywhere on our site.

Partner compensation may influence the products we review and write about, the order in which categories appear in “buyer’s guides” articles, whether products appear on our site, and where they’re featured on the site. Naturally, we’re not able to feature or review every possible company, product, or service on our site.

There are many companies, products, and services featured on our site simply because we believe that they are the best for our readers, and that result in zero compensation.

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