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Home Office Setup -- Make Easy Improvements

24. Make easy improvements!

Even though this article is about setting up your home office, it’s never too late to improve yours. If there’s something that’s not working its best for you, change it!

There’s not much that a little thought, reorganization, a few well-chosen accessories, or a bucket of paint can’t fix. Or if you have the time, you can completely transform your working space over a weekend.

It’s easy to fall into a routine, but a quick home office makeover can be just what you need to re-inspire you.

Home Office Setup -- Break Up your Routine

25. Break up your routine

No matter how great your home office is, sometimes you just need to break up your routine. Find a local café with WiFi and make it your office for a day.

A change of scenery can help inspire creativity and being around other people can help to fill the social void that leaving a traditional office can create. Best of all, you’ll never run out of coffee.

Home Office Setup -- Psychology of Color

26. The psychology of color

Different colors evoke different emotional and physical reactions and impact mood and energy levels, so be aware of the impact of the colors you choose for your office.

Blues, greens, and violets are peaceful and relaxing; yellow grabs attention; red is energetic; white and grey minimize distractions; and, purple inspires creativity.

Home Office Setup -- Go Wireless

27. Go wireless

Avoid adding a cluttered and tangled mess unnecessarily by using as much wireless technology as you can. Keyboards, mice, printers, and your internet connection can all be shared wirelessly, giving you more flexibility with your furniture arrangements and keeping your space tidy and visually pleasing.

Home Office Setup -- Hang Art

BONUS: Hang art

Personalize your office’s walls with paintings, photos, or anything else that you find personally pleasing to help keep you inspired.

Whether you prefer a gallery-style arrangement with lots of variety or a single statement piece as your focus, incorporating art into your home office helps to keep you motivated, inspires creativity, and adds a personal touch.

The Bottom Line: Home Office Setup Tips

For those of us who work from home, myself included, the benefits are great:

  • We’re liberated from our desks
  • Our morning commute is usually from our bedroom to our den or workspace
  • Our office is wherever we make it — a café, library, or even on our travels
  • We have the flexibility to set our own schedules and be more available for life’s demands — as long as we’re available for meetings and client commitments, of course.

As well, allowing staff to work remotely also has quantifiable benefits to a business’ bottom line. But the first step to ensuring that working from home benefits you and your business is to create a comfortable home office setup that minimizes distractions and maximizes productivity.

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Gavin Graham

Gavin is an editor at Fit Small Business, focusing on a variety of small business topics. Gavin has been at the intersection of content management and creation in the digital marketing world for over ten years. As a project and production manager, he led cross-functional teams and owned client relationships in the automotive, fashion, hospitality, and media industries. While working at various entrepreneurial startups, he created content for clients, rethinking their web presence and developing strategies to reposition their brands online. When he’s not writing, Gavin is a marathon runner, proud parent of an Australian Shepherd, and craft beer geek. He lives in Toronto, Canada.

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  1. My company has been around for 30 years in a office environment, but with going paperless and not really needing an office i would like to look into transitioning my employees to work from home. What would be the 1st step i would need to take? Can you help?

    thank you


    • Hi Chris,

      I can speak to this personally, as FIt Small Business has many remote employees who work from home. I would say first and foremost, make sure you have good systems put in place to stay organized. For example, have a good collaborative web CRM or project management system that keeps everyone in touch and up-to-date. What’s great about these systems is that even across different time zones, when working hours may not align, you can easily check in on your co-workers progress, find answers to questions, and so on.

      After that, I’d say the next most important step is to establish a routine of phone calls and/or video conferences. Most remote employees still need some regular interaction with their manager, and a weekly team-wide meeting is good for morale.

      Good luck!


  2. This was really helpful. I work from home all day sitting on my bed and can’t get lot of work done. I will follow these guidelines right now !
    Thanks helped me to find few things i am lagging in.


  3. I work from home, today of all days been feeling like im so alone, the people i only talk to are my clients over the phone, this has given me great ideas on how to play around with my space… Has been very informative. Thank you


  4. Thank you. I finally have been blessed to work from home and this helps me with creating a cozy but business style space where I thought may be no space.



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