Best Website Builder Reviews

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We looked at over 20 of the best website builders and whittled them down to Weebly, Themify, and Ocoos. These three website builders cover the full-range of what is available to the small business owner. We evaluate them below based on price, ease-of-use, functionality, and customer service.  Then we show you other the other primary options available.

Best Website Builder For Small Business Owners: Weebly

We recommend Weebly because it is inexpensive, has one of the most intuitive drag-and-drop builder interfaces, and has a great selection of features. Also, Weebly’s customer service is helpful and responsive.

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Best Website Builder Reviews Summary Table

Price For Recommended Option
$49 (one-time)

(Full pricing details)
(See Full Details)
Hosting/Custom Domain Included?
(See Full Details)

Custom domain
available through
Weebly($38/year) or
third-party provider

Have to host/get
your custom domain
through third-party

Have to purchase
custom domain
through Ocoos
($10-$15/year) or
from third-party
Number/Quality of Themes
(See Full Details)
100 good quality
40 fully customizable
and professional
quality themes
1 basic theme
HTML/CSS Coding Access
(See Full Details)
Mobile Friendliness
(See Full Details)
SEO Friendliness
Quality of Ecommerce Option
(See Full Details)
Blogging Capability
(See Full Details)
Primary Integrations
Google Apps, Etsy,
Quickbooks, Social
Paypal, Social Media,
WordPress plugins
Paypal, Social Media,
Quickbooks, Moolah,
Customer Support
(See Full Details)

Not finding what you are looking for?  See our reviews of SquareSpace, Wix, GoDaddy, and 5 other website builders here.

Why We Chose Weebly as the Best Overall Website Builder


Weebly is one of the easiest-to-use website builders I tested. You can drag-and-drop text boxes, images, and any other elements to anywhere on the page, edit size/style of any section, and customize your page design/style.

Weebly has a free version, if you are just looking for an inexpensive and basic website. If you are looking for a premium plan, it only costs $10 a month for Weebly’s Pro Plan, which gives you unlimited pages, advanced site analysis, site-search capability, and the option to sell up to 25 products.  When you pair all of this with good customer service, 100+ themes that can be customized to fit almost any business, and an SEO friendly platform, Weebly is hard to beat.

Weebly’s Cons:

  • The level of site customization is not as high as some builders
  • Weebly’s custom domains are expensive, around $38/year (but you can get a domain through GoDaddy and connect it to your site for around $12/year)

For more on Weebly, check out our full review.

Try Weebly

When to use Themify, the Best Wordpress Website Builder


If you are a tech-savvy business owner that wants full control over your site’s look and feel, then Themify is a great option. It gives you more customizability than most website builders and uses the WordPress platform, which has endless functionality potential due to its vast variety of plugins. You also have full access to HTML/CSS internet code. Themify charges a one-time $49 fee for one premium theme, and then you can use it on as many sites as you want. If you are a website designer, you can pay $139 and have access to all 40 themes.

The important thing to keep in mind, is that there is quite a learning curve for Themify and Wordpress in general. You’ll also need to setup 3rd party hosting which will cost you around $5 a month.  This is why we do not recommend you use Themify unless you are technologically savvy.

To get the whole story on Themify, check out our full review.

Try Themify

When to use Ocoos, the Best Website Builder For Service Businesses


If you are a service business, then Ocoos is probably your best bet. It has service-business oriented features that other website builder’s do not offer, such as flexible payment options (payment plans, % of transaction upfront, etc), an internal CRM system for tracking your contact with each customer, digital document signing and storage, built-in email/newsletter subscription capture/creator, and appointment/quote booking features.

You can also have Ocoos build a great looking website for you, although it will cost you around $300-$400 upfront. The main limitation with the DIY builder, is that it really has only one template and has very little customization options.

For our full Ocoos review, click here.

Try Ocoos


When to use a website builder besides Weebly, Themify, or Ocoos

Best Website Builder For Musicians, Artists, and Designers: SquareSpace

If you are a business owner who is in an artistic or design related field that needs a visually stunning site, than SquareSpace is your best bet. Its premium themes are gorgeous, minimalist, classy, and sophisticated.

To learn more about SquareSpace, look at our full review.

Best Website Builder For High Powered Ecommerce: Shopify

If you are looking to make online sales a significant focus for your business, then using a dedicated Ecommerce platform like Shopify could be just what you need.

Check out our Ecommerce Buyer’s Guide for more info.

Best Website builder for internal business/organizational websites: Google Sites

Google Sites is not a great option if you are hoping to build a website that will serve as the face of your business to customers. However, if you just need an internal site (HR basketball team site, 4th grade classroom site that parents can check to get updates on studies, etc), it can be great, because it is free and easy-to-use.

For more on Google Sites, read our full review.

Best Website Builder For Those on a Budget: Godaddy

If you want a website with a custom domain but have a pretty tight budget, then GoDaddy may be your answer. You can get a custom domain and a website builder for around $3-4/month.

To learn more about GoDaddy, take a look at out our full review.

Best Website Builder For One Page Site: OnePager

OnePager allows you to create a sophisticated and classy one-page site/landing page for your business. Although certain other website builders have a one-page option, OnePager is a website builder specifically tailored for this purpose.

For more info on OnePager, check out our full review.

Although we reviewed other website builders, we did not feel that they offered any unique features that would make them worth including in this guide. However, if you want to see those reviews, we have put links below.

Best Website Builder In-Depth Review


If you’re cost conscious, then Weebly is your best choice. They offer a free plan, as well as reasonable paid plans starting at around $10/month for a good one. Themify is also reasonable, costing anywhere from $4-$15/month (Includes 3rd party hosting and depends on how many visitors you want to accommodate and how much storage space you need). Ocoos is the most expensive of the bunch, costing between $25-$35/month.

Cost for Recommended Plan
(Pro Plan)
$49 one-time fee
(Standard Package)

Plus 3rd party
hosting (see
additional cost
section below)
(DIY Plan)
Features of Recommended Plan
Unlimited pages, no
Weebly ads, custom
domain options,
customize footer,
in-depth site
reporting, HD
video/audio players,
capability, membership, sell up
to 25 ecommerce
products (3%
transaction fee)
1 Themify
premium Wordpress
1 bonus
premium theme
1 year of support
and updates
website builder,
flexible payment
capture and creation,
invoicing, digital
document storage
and signing, blog,
in-depth site reporting
Cost for Basic Plan
(DIY plan)
Features of Basic Plan
10 website pages,
Weebly ads, no
custom domain, up
to 5 ecommerce
products (3%
transaction fee)
3 different free
WordPress themes

(no support/updates)
Same as
Recommended (see
Cost for Premium Plan
(Business Plan)
$139 one-time fee
(Master Club Plan)
Features of Premium Plan
Pro Plan features
Unlimited ecommerce
products, SSL site
security, no
transaction fees,
coupon codes, tax
calculator, inventory
management tools
Access to all Themify
premium themes (40)
Photoshop files for
all themes
One year of support,
updates, and plugin
DIY Plan features
Professional website
build (see additional
cost below),
management and
hosting, personal
customer support
Additional Costs
$38 for domain

(can purchase
through GoDaddy
for $12)
$5-15/month for
WordPress hosting
and domain
$300-$400 one-time
fee for professional
site build (optional)

$12-15 for custom

Check out a full comparison of Weebly’s pricing here.

Check out Themify’s pricing page for more info.

Click here and here to learn more about Ocoos’ pricing structure.


For ease-of-use, Weebly is the clear winner. It’s drag-and-drop website builder allows quite a bit of customization and is simple to understand and master. Ocoos has very little customization, which also makes it fairly easy-to-use. Themify allows the most customization, but is quite difficult to use when compared to the other two.

WeeblysmallWeebly’s builder is on the left side of the page, which is really intuitive for me. So, you drag-and-drop like you read a book, left to right. Everything is laid out really simply, with popular content/elements (text box, add image, etc) in pre-arranged and easy-to-access sections. Of all the builders I have used, Weebly’s in the top 2-3 as far as ease-of-use is concerned.

To see the website I created with Weebly after about 20 minutes of learning the system, check out our Weebly review page.


Themifysmall1Themify is not for the faint of heart. I consider myself pretty tech-savvy, and it took me several hours to feel like I was starting to be comfortable. However, for me, there was as much of a WordPress learning curve as there was a Themify learning curve. If you already know WordPress, Themify will be easy. You can edit your website both from the “Edit page” section of WordPress and from the front-end, while actually previewing the page you are working on.

It is important to mention that this complexity does not come without a reward. Themify is highly customizable, more customizable than Weebly and much more customizable than Ocoos. You can change the size of any element, position it anywhere on the page, and have endless options for changes/tweaks via WordPress plugins.

To see the website I created using Themify, check out our Themify review page. The website took me 1-2 hours to create.

Ocoossmall1Ocoos is pretty simple to use, in large-part due to the fact that you really only have the ability to customize content, font, and color. You really can’t organize pages or change where things are. With that being said, I still found Ocoos a little more difficult to use than Weebly. When you are building your page, you have to open a separate window to preview your page, which is a pain.

If you want to see the website I created with Ocoos, take a look at our review on Ocoos.

Key Features

Feature comparison is a bit tough, because all of the builders have their area of expertise. Overall, Weebly is the most functional, having all the features most business owners could need at a reasonable price. If you need high-powered customizability, then Themify might be better. If you are a service business, Ocoos has more service-specific features.

Here is the breakdown:

Hosting/Custom Domain

WeeblysmallWeebly’s free plan does not allow for any kind of custom domain options. With Weebly’s paid plans, you can either connect a third-party domain you purchase/already own, or buy one from Weebly. Third-party connection is your best bet, because Weebly’s domain hosting is expensive (around $38 as compared to $5-$12).

Themifysmall1Themify is not a website hosting service, it is a drag-and-drop WordPress theme. This means you will have to purchase your website hosting and custom domain name from a third-party provider. We recommend GoDaddy. You can get GoDaddy Wordpress hosting and a custom domain for as little as $3-4/month.

Ocoossmall1Using Ocoos’ do-it-yourself plan, you have to figure out hosting and custom domains for yourself. You can connect a domain you have bought elsewhere, like from GoDaddy. With Ocoos’ concierge plan, hosting and custom domain purchase/configuration by an Ocoos professional is included.

Number and Quality of Themes

Weebly definitely has the most available theme options and most are pretty good quality. Themify’s themes are more customizable and professional looking than Weebly’s, but have quite a learning curve. Ocoos’ DIY plan has only 1 basic theme. More customization is available if you use Ocoos’ concierge and have Ocoos’ professionals build your site for you (extra $300-$400)

WeeblysmallWeebly has over 100 themes. Although not as visually stunning as a website builder such as SquareSpace or Themify, the quality should be more than enough for the average business owner to create a nice looking site.

Here’s an example of a Weebly Theme


Themifysmall1Themify has 40 premium themes, all of which are professional quality. They are visually stunning, extremely customizable, and have enough different categories to satisfy most small business owners.

Here’s an example of one of Themify’s themes


Ocoossmall1Ocoos’ DIY plan has one basic theme. You can really only customize page names, color, and font, making it much harder to truly brand your webpage than when using other builders. However, Ocoos will also build a website for you for a one-time fee of $300-$400. Although using the same template, the professional build is much more visually and aesthetically attractive.

Here’s the DIY template


Here’s a concierge site/template


HTML Coding Access, SEO Friendliness, and Primary Integrations

When it comes to which builder is best in these three categories, Weebly and Themify are neck-and-neck, both allowing full HTML access and SEO customization. Weebly has more internal integrations, Themify has more external integrations (via WordPress plugins). Ocoos does not allow you to edit HTML, SEO settings, and has fewer integrations (although it has more built-in functionality).


  • HTML/CSS Coding – Weebly allows full user access and control over site internet coding.
  • SEO Friendliness – Weebly allows you to edit each of your pages’ descriptions and meta tags, providing you with everything you need to make your site SEO friendly.
  • Primary Integrations – Paypal, Stripe,, Etsy, Mailchimp, Shopify, Social Media, Quickbooks, Google App Suite


  • HTML/CSS Coding – Themify allows full HTML/CSS user access/editing
  • SEO FriendlinessUsing free Wordpress Plugins like Yoast, you can edit each individual page (descriptions, meta tags, tags, product tags, etc) of your Themify site to reach its full SEO potential.
  • Primary Integrations – Themify has all the major integrations, like Paypal and Social Media built-in. Also, via Wordpress, Themify can integrate with almost any service/software/platform you can think of. However, some integrations require an additional fee.


  •  HTML/CSS Coding – Ocoos does not allow any editing of HTML/CSS coding.
  • SEO Friendliness – Ocoos is built to be SEO friendly internally, but does not allow you to customize page descriptions, tags, etc, it does that for you.
  • Primary Integrations - Ocoos does integrate with Paypal and Social media. However, past that, there integration is limited, mainly because they provide many services (appointment booking, newsletters, etc) internally.

Mobile Friendliness

All three builders have responsive templates, meaning that your site will automatically adjust to fit any device without any additional customization. Weebly also allows you to design a separate site for mobile devices, if you prefer.

WeeblysmallWeebly has a one-click optimization button, which takes your current webpage and optimizes for mobile devices. Weebly also has a mobile website builder, that allows you to build a website specifically for mobile devices using a separate mobile builder.

Themifysmall1Around 36 of Themify’s 40 themes are fully responsive, making them very mobile friendly. When you are checking out Themify’s site, just be sure to click the responsive tab on the right hand side to see responsive themes.

Ocoossmall1Ocoos is also very mobile friendly, with a responsive website design. One handy thing about Ocoos, is that they actually text your phone a link so you can see what your site looks like using your mobile device.


When it comes to Ecommerce, Weebly’s the best for the average business owner. Its ecommerce platform has lots of features and is very flexible. However, if you are selling services, Ocoos is probably a better choice. Themify does not have a built-in ecommerce platform. But, via WordPress plugins, you can download a great Ecommerce option like WooCommerce for free.

WeeblysmallWeebly has a solid ecommerce option. It integrates with Paypal, allows coupon codes and discounts, has a tax calculator, provides flexible shipping options, and does not have any transaction fees at the business plan level ($30/month). Weebly also provides a site security license (SSL), with its business plan, which keeps your customer’s credit card info safe when they check out.

Themifysmall1Themify does not have a built-in ecommerce solution. However, you can download WooCommerce for free, via WordPress. This allows you to have a full-fledged ecommerce solution on your WordPress site, complete with flexible shipping options, tax calculator, and coupon codes. It’s best to purchase an SSL for your WordPress site if it is not already included in your hosting. You can generally get an SSL through your current hosting provider for around $50-$70/year.

Ocoossmall1Ocoos allows you to sell both products and services. However, if you are primarily selling services, then Ocoos is the way to go. Their ecommerce tools are tailored to service businesses. They provide flexible payment options, including payment plans and percentage upfront payments, neither of which any other website builder I have seen provide. Also, you can book quotes and have customers digitally sign documents, which is really handy. An SSL is included with both Ocoos plans.


When it comes to blogging, Themify is the hands-down winner. It is a Wordpress theme, and Wordpress is a dedicated blogging platform. Weebly comes in at a close second. Ocoos allows you to blog, but doesn’t have higher end features such as schedule posting.

WeeblysmallWeebly has a strong blogging platform. Weebly allows you to schedule automatic posts and create limited access accounts so other bloggers can contribute, both important features that many website builders do not include. Of course, it is also connected with social media.

Themifysmall1Themify has a great blogging features. You can schedule automatic posts, secure certain posts so that only authorized users can view, and even have an email address that will automatically publish content that is sent to it. You can also have multiple contributors and connect directly with social media.

Ocoossmall1Ocoos’ blogging platform is definitely the weakest of the three. It does allow you to post basic content, connect with social media, and manage several different contributors. But, it does not support automatically scheduled posting, although the representative I talked to said that such capability was something that they were working on.

Customer Support

All three website builders do well in the customer support category. Weebly’s customer support is rated very highly by our reviewers. Ocoos is a smaller company, but I still received in-depth email responses within 15-20 hours of when I sent them. Themify is similar, garnering lots of positive reviews for their customer support from users.

Weeblysmall24 hour? No

US Based? Yes

Method of Delivery?

Weebly offers live chat, email, and self-help forum support. They do not offer phone support, which is a downside, but none of the website builders we reviewed do. Despite their lack of phone support, Weebly is still rated very well by users for their customer support.

Themifysmall124 Hour? No

US Based? No (Canada)

What’s the Method of Delivery?

Much of Themify’s support is given through self-help forums. However, you can also submit help requests via al contact form on Themify’s page or by submitting a help request to the twitter handle @themify.

Both users and reviewers of Themify gave them high marks for customer support. Their self-help forums are actually pretty in-depth and have a wealth of useful tutorials. Several reviewers I read even claimed that Themify provides the best customer support out of any of the WordPress theme providers.

Ocoossmall124 hour?  No

US Based? Yes

What’s the Method of Delivery?

Ocoos has email, live chat, and and phone support service. Ocoos’ customer service is rated well and I had a good experience with them. When emailing Robert, one of their customer service representatives, he was very helpful and sent me in-depth email responses to my questions within 24 hours.


When all is said and done, each of these website builders excels at different things. However, for the average small business owner, Weebly will provide you with an easy website builder and the features and customer support you need at a low monthly price.


  1. says

    I would not recommend Weebly, especially to anyone wanting to use the blog function. I’ve requested two easy and universally used changes and they haven’t responded other than “we don’t have that feature.” As it is, you can’t create a sidebar list of recent blog post headlines. And you can’t insert more than one photo into a text block. Very frustrating.

    • says

      Hi J.,

      Thanks for sharing your experience with Weebly, it’s always good to hear user feedback.

      If you are still interested in adding your blog posts to the sidebar of Weebly you can do this using the below site:

      Just take your blog RSS feed from Weebly and enter it there. Then take the code and use the “embed code” feature to add it to the sidebar of your site. This will add a list of all your blog posts to the side of your Weebly blog page.

      Hope that helps!

      Best Regards,

      Best Regards,

  2. says

    I wanted to make a couple of comments here. I consider myself an expert on Wix as I have used it for four years not and have recently migrated over to Squarespace for good, after trialing Weebly and others.
    Here’s been my experience with Wix.
    Their support is horrible. They have foreigners that don’t read the questions you ask properly and respond with nonsense “canned answers” with no real solutions.
    If you plan on building a site that has several pages and you don’t want to look like a freaking idiot to your customers FORGET WIX! They will have you looking like a fool in no time. While they offer more third party apps than any other company, when you add these apps they slow your loading time down to a crawl and adding pictures also it a no, no. Wix is quick to tell you that they “don’t support third party apps when you do complain about loading times” and they tell you to get rid of the apps and pictures. What’s the point in having a website if you can’t have pictures and apps? I rely on adsense and if I cannot add their coding there’s a problem.
    I had a problem with their blog structure as you cannot add html to the blog, in order to add your adsense coding and when you add it below the comments everything just migrates down the page so no one can even see the add if they were going to click on it. When I contacted Wix about this, I was told that I need to get rid of the ad, it was causing the problem.
    I would also like to correct you on something. The mobile site is not “automatically optimized for WIx” This is a HUGE problem. While they like to say it is optimized is it a nightmare. Once you have developed your regular site, you have to head over to the “mobile view” and to your dismay you will find everything all over the place. You will then have to essentially build your site from scratch again, for the mobile view. I have literally spent WEEKS working on the mobile view as it is extremely time consuming to drag everything all the way back up the page, so it can be seen by your visitors and then play “hide and go seek” with the elements that are missing. Not fun and I was ready to choke good ole Wix.
    another problem is complaints that the mobile view doesn’t load at all. When I checked this out, it was true. I didn’t load on smart phones or other high end devices. This is extremely embarrassing to me.
    When you ask Wix to take a look at this, you will be told that your mobile site is loading fine for them.
    …I call bullshit! Please, what ever you do stay away from WIX. They are beyond horrible.
    Oh, I almost forgot. regardless of what browser you use, your site will continuously crash with Wix. When you ask Wix about this they will say it’s your browser and to “clear your cache” None of this works

    With Weebly, when I tried it, it seemed very simplistc. More so than what I need for the type of site I have, but I did try it and it just kept getting stuck on me with the never ending wheel circling around the screen. Not good, so I gave up on it.

    Now, on to squarespace. I am in LOVE!!!!! This platform is completely amazing for me and I cannot believe I am lucky enough to have found it. Especially after dealing with the devil for so many years. I really didn’t want to switch sites,but I found I had no choice if I wanted my business to grow.

    This site have phenomenal SEO and commerce. Their blog is an excellent structure and has a great way to send out the blog posts to all your social networks right after you post it on your site. This is a huge time saver for me.
    The site load time is lightening quick, even though I have lots of pictures and a huge amount of third party apps on my site. More so than I did not WIx.
    I had a problem with some coding for the third party apps and they helped me every step of the way. The promise to get back to you quickly with support and they do. They don’t offer “canned excuses” either. They actually told me what was wrong with my coding and how to make it work with my site. I am not a coding person.
    Their templates are very professional and their ecommerce works extremely well.
    They also connect your site to mailchimp, which is great for people signing up to your newsletters, their email go right into mailchimp. Wix, has nothing like this!

    I will never look back! I absolutely LOVE Squarespace and all its features. Wix is a disaster. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so!

    • says

      hi Michelle,
      I’m in the same boat — have a wix site, interested in switching over. How did you actually do the transfer?

      My #1 hesitancy right now is all the time it would take copying or re-building content on a new platform.

      Thanks for your advice.

      • says

        Hi Michelle,

        Luckily for me my site did not have that many pages when I made the transfer so I did it manually. Unfortunately I think switching manually is the only way when moving from Wix. If you have a large site what I would recommend is hiring a virtual assistant to help you. We use for projects such as this. They charge around $10 an hour.

        Hope that helps.

        Best Regards,

  3. says

    I have used all four and they all have their pros and cons. Wix I just plain won’t use, it offers nothing on top of what the other 3 offer.

    WordPress – Will always give you the most flexibility and with a well built premium theme is as easy as the others. But dear god, don’t suggest GoDaddy for website hosting. That goes for BlueHost, Hostgator or any other EIG company as well. For someone that doesn’t know anything about hosting, look for a company that offers Litespeed (they will brag about it on their sales page). You can pretty much guarantee they don’t use cheap and overloaded servers or wouldn’t bother with the extra license cost. I know you have to make money but at least send them to good hosts.

    Weebly – Fine as a starter platform and their themes are getting better looking. My very very first website was on Weebly.

    Squarespace – Prettier than Weebly but IMO to pricey for what you get.

  4. says

    I would definitely recommend Wix. From start to finish it was simple to use yet achieved the results i was looking for. I simple right click in the area gave me all the options i was looking for to activate the areas of the page and set up links which if i had started from scratch on my own I wouldn’t have known where to begin!

    I found their layout suited to bloggers and it was very easy to add in the app to be able to link my site to my social network sites.

    I am currently still using the free option which at the moment suits my needs but I will certainly be upgrading to the premium package as and when I need.

  5. says

    I just started using Weebly for my small business but mostly for learning.

    It is cheap for starters comparing to other web builders and really easy to use! I like their design and social media features. Also the quality of photos is realistic! I always had troubles with that!

    They also have SEO option but not sure if it works. Just trying to get myself on Google and it can’t find me :-( but I have to do more for it than just keywords and text optimization so will see!

  6. says

    Great share about best website builders. The buttons that you put above for each website builders makes it more easier for me to go the website. That helps a lot. Thanks for sharing.

  7. says

    Thanks for sharing your experience! Glad Weebly is working out for you. I’m also in-the-midst of building a website for a client through Weebly, so if you have any questions, just leave a comment and I’ll try to help you out!


    Glad the buttons were helpful. We have been re-structuring our articles to make them as user-friendly as possible. Thanks for the feedback!


  8. Julene says

    I currently have my webpage hosted on Wix and, though it’s alright, I think SEO is crap. I blame it mainly on the link structure, which I hate, just as you mentioned in another article. So I’m thinking of moving my site elsewhere and am looking around for options… How does the link/url thing work on weebly? Do they have normal,, urls?

    I’ve found your reviews very useful, thank you!

  9. Idan says

    Re michelle’s comment, interesting how something like a website building tool gets us so emotional :)
    I do share her dislike of Wix, but after trying out Squarespace and completely not getting the workflow, I tried out DudaOne by DudaMobile and sticking with it, for now. The kicker there is you build the site responsive from the go, and not after the fact as in Wix for example.

    Anyway, very useful post.

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